Stephan is one of the most competent and pragmatic Professionals I know in the industry. He is well known and appreciated by the industry on global scale and stands as a "brand" in itself for innovation leadership and standardization in the global video business segment. […] Stephan has a very pleasant, humble and calm personality and is highly stress-resistant but at the same time full of energy, ideas and creativity, when it comes to deliver in quality and time. He is also a perfect advisor and problem solver. [… ] His capabilities to bring different, often even competing industry players from different nationalities and different management levels around the table to reach a common goal are second to none. In addition to that Stephan is a highly regarded thought leader, with an excellent global network, which is recognized by the many public speaking opportunities and leadership mandates in associations and next generation video related working group he was mandated for. […]


I got to know Stephan as extremely well organized and structured project leader, highly reliable, a committed expert in his area, and both a great team player and leader. He was and still is well recognized in the community and highly appreciated by his peers. […] He also initiated the so-called UHD Plugfests […] to ensure the interoperability of UHD end devices and services through bi-annual international events with important stakeholders over a period of several years. Stephan also created the consumer brochure "Ultra HD Explained" produced by the WG Ultra HD under Stephan's guidance - one of our most successful publications which attracted attention far beyond Germany's borders. Stephan also made a considerable contribution to the birth of the German TV Platform's conference format, the Media Innovation Platform, by organizing the first event in this new series, on the topic of virtual reality in the TV environment. […]

Markus Fritz

Managing Director, Exec. VP,

Commercial Strategy & Development


Carine Lea Chardon

Managing Director CE and Satellite &

Cable Associations


There is no person in the industry I can compare with Stephan. A unique gem with whom I had the pleasure of working with for 5 years […] Without his never-ending drive and positive spirit, his organized way of working and his hands-on mentality it would have never been possible to launch the first 24/7 UHD channel in the world. […] Stephan brings a wonderful sense of humor in combination with deep empathy. And always found the right tone discussing over whatsoever complex matters. […]

I worked with Stephan for several years on the introduction of HDTV and 3DTV in Germany and Europe. He actively contributed to working groups I was chairing, and in the end he took over the chairmanship of the German working group on 3DTV and UHDTV when I retired. […] Stephan is a creative contributor and pushes successfully for the introduction of new systems in entertainment TV. He is very reliable and always delivers on promises he makes. He also organized various exhibition booths to present the new systems to the general public, e.g. at IFA Berlin. […]

I would describe Stephan as the oil that kept our services running. […] He is an exceptional strategic and business manager, helped develop our services, dealt with the day-to-day operational management for training services whilst leading Imagine towards new business opportunities. […] He provided leadership, operational coordination and project management skills in the selling/ delivery of technical training/consultancy services. Managerially he listens, is a great team player, is always patient and provides helpful feedback/guidance on the management of services. […]

Christian Barth

Head of Strategy

and Architecture

Sky Germany

Chris Adams

Broadcast/IT, Technical

Training/Project Manager


Dietrich Westerkamp

Director Standards



I had known Stephan for almost a decade before I was able to hire him for a new posi-tion in our company. His task was to establish a new department, […] Imagine Advisory Services (IAS), from scratch. […] given the EMEA & APAC responsibility of his role, he had to reach out to the various regional sales teams. […] Stephan is a great person to work with, highly skilled and very good in bringing people together focusing on a task to get done.

Stephan was one of the pioneers of UHD at SKY Germany and was also a driver inside the Ultra HD Forum in the Guidelines and the Interop groups. He has a goal in life to innovate, and this is very unique in our industry. I highly recommend Stephan for any position where you are looking at someone who can start from an idea to its realization, with a very significant background in the Video space.

[… ] Stephan was responsible for driving a series of Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range technical trials over several years. The trials were all at the “cutting edge” of technology at high profile events in a live sports environ-ment. Stephan's deep technical knowledge, his project management skills, his ability to assemble, motivate and lead a diverse team of specialists - with enthusiasm and good humor - always guaranteed a great result.

Mathias Eckert

Senior VP


Imagine Communications

Peter Sykes

Strategic Technology

Development Manager

Sony Europe

Thierry Fautier

President at Ultra HD

Forum & VP Video


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